Pictures of Tomorrow


United States
44° 35' 35.88" N, 69° 36' 9.8388" W

My life is in pictures color and black and white. I hear the ocean roar and see my family's fight. Struggle to third floor just another day. Mother worn weak and ragged like the scarecrow hanging by a few pieces of straw. Crying in her empty mug as we go to school.

Tormented a moment or two sticking out like pieces of glass against sheets of white. Hold your ground it is what is right. The day comes to an end as the glass starts to wear into sand. Fear none but scared alone at night. She has to work and there is no one for you tonight.

Crying softly it does not matter no one will hear. Screaming loudly it does not matter no one will hear. Laughing crazy it does not matter no one will hear. Standing proudly it does matter for all will see.

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