The Picture Society Paints

The Picture Society Paints


Rape culture

It normalizes abuse

Objectification glamorizing assault

It focuses on what the victim did wrong

All the blame they take for what happened to them

All the shame they take for what happened to them


Because their view of what they went through is tarnished

Covered in mud and debris

Carried in the water from the broken dam

The broken dam that is society continually blaming the victim

Blaming them for something they shouldn’t be blamed for

Forcing them to carry that weight of the world

Until their foundation that should be their home, breaks


And society just stands there watching

Or they turn a blind eye

We let the perpetrator escape accountability

We let the victims suffer relentlessly

We tell them continually they could have changed what happened

“Why were you wearing that?”

“How drunk were you?”

“Why didn’t you scream?”

“Why didn’t you run?”

“Why not just have fun?”


And all these things are just what society wants us to believe

That the victim is in the wrong

And the broken dam

And the dirty and dangerous water

It was inevitable

Because it's no ones fault but their own

And it's just easier to place the blame

Place it on an easy target and let them fall away


And we elect politicians that make it sound okay

We let them defend their actions by saying its normal

They have no shame

That is was so long ago

That they have changed

They should still shoulder that pain

Shoulder the blame

Shoulder the guilt

Hold themselves accountable for what they did


Victims, They are afraid that the story of their pain isn’t over

And that there will never be an ending to this tale of horrors

And they think they will never tell the entire truth

Because victims have been trained

That what they say is entirely wrong

And they should just take the blame


And the sad truth of this is that it seems they  will never believe

That the shame is not theirs

And to all the victims that have been hurt before

The shame shouldn’t be shouldered by them

It is the creep

The abuser

The man or woman that hurt them


That should carry the weight of the world

The weight of the shame they have ensued


Blaming the victim is an act of deflection

Of self deception and lies

Being a part of a society that misguides

It allows the blamer to sit in judgement

Imagining some mystical justice

That means bad things happen to only bad people

And changing the way the victims see themselves

Changing the way the creeps

The abusers

The men and women that hurt them

The rapists, sees themselves

They only believe only they are entitled

That they are in the right


Which only makes the worst part of it all for the victims more real

Because half of the pain come when it actually happened

But the rest comes later

In tragic waves

Of the so many survivors

That end up taking the blame


These victims, no, they are people

Yes they are victims

But remember they are people too

They just wants to rest

Anything to get rid of the thoughts in their head.

The thoughts that whisper continuously

“You were wrong and they should be free”

And as they search for rest that won’t come they think

“Did they rape my head too? Or am I just too broken, to see getting help through?


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