Always having that crunching feeling throughout my soul.

Keep on worrying what’s going on with me. I don’t feel whole.

Why am I always jumping towards the end?!

My mind is too damn freeminded in this reality and fantasy without a overspend.

My spirit is so damn strong and filled up with wisdom.

Which is fine…

I’m blessed; but I am not a shrine.


I see the worst of the world and the good.

Even, in my childhood.

I worked my knowledge to figure out, who I am.

I have earned the most in the world.

In return; I felt like I unearned to explore the world the way I want to.


Do thy impossible; fly.

Embrace into freedom. Elevating high.

No worry & not questioning who I am.

No hurry glancing into the sunset, then into night sky.

Myself levitating around to each fluffy, misty clouds even in the light.

Soaring through the sky and never stopping!

Without dropping...


Adoring the freedom throughout my wings.

Without knowing I’m safe in my own mind.

Mankind! Mankind! Mankind…

What’s going on with y’all?!

Think before doing your action.

Sync your mind, commence to subtraction.


My existence is a solid highway.

But it used to be a dirt path.

As I prayed throughout my way; to receive

A solid highway.


Having traveling thoughts.

Living in this big bubble with everlasting spots.

Everywhere I go forecasting a picture in this

Chaotic, untrustworthy world.

This whole world isn’t just a comic.

It’s a curvy, dirty, and blurry picture.


-D.J.T - 2.4.17!

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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