Picture This


Imagine swimming in a sea of broken glass,every word spoken cuts like a
blade across your skin.
Then you crash! And you slowly drown in all of your thoughts and memories.
Trying to make it to tomorrow, but the fear of the unknown consumes you.
Feeling so much pain from the scars the cuts have left behind.
You look in the mirror and begin to cry because all you see is a monster with 
hopeful dreams of just...disappearing.
The voices inside your head are getting louder, they tell you that you aren't good
enough and that you never will be.
All alone now in a dark and cold room, you lie down and start to fade away.
You weren't strong enough to keep fighting, your mind hurt and your soul felt 
The color of your world turned to black.
As you take your last breath you wisper goodbye.
Now you don't have to feel anymore.
You were an angel who just wanted to fly. 


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