Physical Distress

Sadness holds onto me like an umbilical cord

And tears through my heart like a mystical sword

I just thank the Lord for his time because I cannot afford

More hurt that’s stored in my feelings when I don’t say words

I silently speak toward the memories that I record

Because they are something that cannot be ignored

They say we are one and united

When sometimes I go places and feel uninvited

True love, I never tried it

Because my feelings inside are sad but my face shows excited

I’m so different from everyone and I just realized it

I can’t penalize the deep sorrow that will carry on to tomorrow

My feelings borrow the unexplainable truth

From the lips of a voice that speaks to me when I come near anger

And bring danger to those around me

And it helps me find peace that’s surrounds me when there’s no piece of content

And I repent to those who I have hurt because I have gone through pain and forgiveness

I have spent and practiced poetry to prevent

My feelings having a high percent of

Interference with my actions

Then it turns my emotions into distractions

When writing brings out my only satisfaction

These events that hurt me deep and make dents

I wish I could wash it all away with one rinse

These thoughts in my head I write em down to convince

Myself that I’m doing better ever since

I took my first blink of life and light

Staying silent this long has no delight because of the sights I had to get rid of at night

My thoughts always elevate past an unexplainable height

Sadness is an inevitable parasite that bites at my creativity to write

And I try to write what’s right but sometimes I might

Lose sight of my poetic appetite

The differences weigh out but my doubts are slight

On the side of if I lost my last strike

I’m floating hopelessly like a string-less kite

Life has no training wheels like a bike and I know what it’s like

To lose a lot that you had in your possession

I confess that the direction where I was going had no progression

But now I turn my aggression and depression into words of expression

I have learned my lesson enough to change the perception

Of my thoughts and I made the correction

To make a impactful projection on my life’s reflection


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