Photography 101


United States
40° 55' 51.2112" N, 75° 49' 6.7116" W

What makes a photographer good?

Patience, settings, or things that would,

make people stop dead in their tracks,

to observe with the wonder the photos that catch,

the five human senses as well as the thoughts,

of dreams and wishes that barely get caught,

in the web of their mind like flies that get stuck,

in cobwebs spun by spiders; dumb luck

can you see a photo’s true worth,

like rain that falls on a farmer’s earth,

the farmer appreciates the storms that come,

just as the photographer appreciates the sun,

it’s what sparks inspiration to a photographer’s eye,

can you see his or her’s what, when, how and why,

simple task and methods efficiently done,

by persons who studied photography 101.

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