Photographing Realities


What if I travled the world?

No, I want more.

What if I showed my world the real world around them?

What if it were just me

A camera and some luggage

In a warzone maybe

Or with Indian women, washing sheets in the Ganges?

And what if I got it all on film?

No, I can do better.

What if I shared it all,

Every smile I could shoot

Every tear I saw shed

Every tragedy I witnessed first hand

From the starving boy in Guatemala

To the coke lords in Colombia?

The small girl laughing in Tokyo

To the two grown men in New York City, who put on dresses for fun.

What I want is to show the world

From all walks, all views, all the ever varying perspectives

What their fellow humans are up to.

And what if, by sharing these people's hardships,

Their delights,

Their realities,

We all began to accept each other, just a little bit more?


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