What do you see when you look at a photograph?

Do you see your memories from the past?

Do you notice the things you hadn’t notice before?

That night the picture was taken?

When you look at a photo, all you see is a piece of paper with a scene on it.

You look at the photograph,

But do you look IN the photograph?

Do you see the lost souls trapped inside?

That were once human before they deceased?

That are stuck in the form of your smiling face,

Despite the isolation they really feel?

Frozen, stuck, nowhere to go,

And even if they could move, what’s the point,

When they cannot escape the scene of the photo?

They can see everything that happens before the photo, yet,

You can’t see them.

A photograph of a widow’s deceased husband,

Sits on a lone shelf.

His smiling face once made her happy,

But it now only inflicts her with feelings of emotional pain.

Her husband’s lost soul sits inside, lucky to get to live in his own picture, unlike most.

The widow can’t take it.

She lights it on fire.

Her husband’s soul chokes on thick black smoke.

He screams for her to stop,

To end the pain, but,

She is deaf to his plea.

He tries to move and run as the fire eats away at the edges of the scene,

But he is stuck.

In place.

The fire catches up to him.

It swallows him whole.

Nowhere to run,

Nowhere to hide.

Oh, if only he could stop the pain,

Maybe just end it all,

But you cannot die twice.

So, he shall suffer in this eternal flame,

Until the end of time.

May it ever come.



What so you see when you look IN

A photograph?



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