The Phoenix

Dear World, 

Money controls everything around us, it can give you life and take it away like God himself who gave the world the liberty and power to do whatever they please with a choice. You can see someones true heart when there is real money around and when you have no money at all, i told myself that i wasn’t going to die until i create a legacy for myself, i thank god for putting everybody in my life all of the people that envied me, people that betrayed me, and the people that didn’t believe in me because i learned from all of that i even learned how to be my own person. I learned that you only got yourself in this world and if you want something you have to take it on your own. I’ve been humiliated and placed in many positions but another thing i learned is that i can’t be stopped because if i work hard it will take hard work to stop me, my goal is to leave a legacy. I was born in the city that never sleeps and i won't sleep until my i prove myself to the world and leave my mark. If I'm at the bottom right now the only way to go is up because thats where I'm looking at, ill manifest my Phoenix heart into a reality. I see myself as the phoenix because the phoenix is a bird made of pure fire that dies and rises from the ashes, i will rise from the ashes and show the world how i left my mark. I used to communicate with others but i learned that to get where you want to be sometimes you have to separate yourselves from people, don't call yourself my brother if you aren’t willing to shed blood for me, and i only trust my own blood. When i look up into the sky when it rains i want to watch the lightning strike the earth from the sky from the highest point and i am willing to get there no matter what. People want to see you fail, but that’s why i make my own destiny, and i am destined to Be at the top of an empire looking at the lightning strike the earth. The reality is people would rather sit next to a homeless man with a broken destiny and a “broken” pocket but would demonstrate a fake form of love next to a wealthy man covered in diamonds and gold with money enough to buy anything. Money is everything and if it will take hard work and dedication to get it on a high level i will make it my mission to get it. I know once i have made my dream into a reality to become a self paid boss there will be those who weren’t there when i had nothing but it will be too late because my building would have already been locked and i will be at the top looking down at those who betrayed me, hated me, made any kind of negative remark towards me ever in their life will not be around me. If communication is such a big thing why is it so hard to communicate with someone when you have nothing but when you have it all there is a constant flow of communication. I got a heart covered in green fire and veins filled with green fire, when i look at everyone theres electricity running through my eyes and money running on my mind, “America Runs on Dunkin” but the world runs on money, True love is shown when no money is present and that is applicable to women which is what men lust after. Money, Cars , and Women things a man chases after, a strong messages todays modern music rapper artists transmit to the youth. But the message i am trying to Transmit to the world is that i came from under the struggle and climbed to the top of an empire to prove every one that doubted me, forgot about me, or talked negatively about me, i am here to prove a point Money is power without it will the world still be the same. Knowledge is power and power is money, in order to obtain Money you must acquire knowledge, everyone takes a different path, the path I'm trying to take when i reach the end i want the whole world to see me.

By: Isaiah Gomez

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My family
Our world
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