Many things I cannot bear,

They happen to me everywhere,

I hate the things they do to me,

They make me run, they make me scream,

Pantophobia overcomes me.


These people walk, they run, they laugh,

I don't believe I can follow that path,

Their feet and faces are strange,

Anthropophobia kills me.


These walls they close, I cannot move,

I'm Claustrophobic through and through,

Ashamed I am, and no one cares,

I'm stuck in here.


My phobias they haunt me all the time,

I need someone to help me hide,

I need someone to pull me out, 

I need someone to overcome,

I need someone to face my fears.


These phobias, 

Their in my mind,

I let them haunt me all the time,

I somehow know this needs to stop,

but nothing I know can break this lock.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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