I used to get bullied for being fat.

Everywhere I looked there was someone

someone who would be so mean and ask me

"You want some chicken with them rolls?"

I never really fought back

because their remarks would beat me till i'm numb.

Just a few words would make me surrender

to the kings and queens of skinny populars.

I would come home with a blue face

walking into my room and look at myself.

I was filled with disgust as I couldn't even lift up my school shirt.

Why am I so fat? How come God made me so ugly?

I tell myself as I torture myself with bruises and cuts.

I felt like I wanted to die.

My mirror was reflecting the light in the room

sending me a signal that I am not ugly

I am not fat.

I am beautiful in my own way.

Now that I look at the other teens around me

I remind myself that I am flawless.

I am invincible. I am phenomenal.

And I am...


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My community
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