Peter Pan's Acrostic Wonderland

Waiting for the right moment

Our eyes set on a new prize

Now a boy in green has been chosen

Dawn will bring his dream’s demise

Each pill leaves him broken

Ripping Peter down from the skies


Living stuck between our world and another

A boy who no longer has a mother

Now he wishes to spirit a little brother

Down back to his land of wonder


Inside his mind is his own cell

Screaming as the pirates begin to tinker

Infecting his world with the screech of a bell

Needles inject reality with his dinner


Yearning the boy may be

Obsessed with the orderly Wendy

Uncage him and you'll see

Rabid he'll hunt for candy


Here he must remain confined

Eradicating all traces of instability

A disease has taken hold of his mind

Down he flies into insanity



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