Ughhh my pet peeves,

What do I wanna talk baut,

First of all these wanna bees, trying to hustle for some cheese

get a job at least

& nobody wanna see yo butt crack hanging out of those jeans

So better pull em up before I turn hulk green & lift 'em 6 feet

thug niggas sayin they real, till you get locked up or shot up

aint that a deal

When all they can do is rob & steal, you feel

I mean you feel that inner heal

Because obviously yall need Jesus & I’m baut to start preaching if yall can’t afford a meal

So rely on a drug deal, man how you goin get it

dont tell me you wid it, cause i already lived it, been thier done that is just man is just buidness

find a differant way to get it cause that aint living

& worst of all these hypocrite people,

Trying to mimic my sequel

See the fact is what you doing I did it

You lames trying to steal my style and run with it

That’s cool I was the first one with it

You just a Danny wanna be but just hate to admit it

I’m the blue print, let me knock you on some new sense & maybe one day you’ll get it

smell that massacre about to be

my team, will have you on a knee king Scorpion, a mystery

Brace yourself because I’m going on assassin’s creed

Now get out of my way before you start to bleed

this aint nothing new to me

 So better slow down dummy you baut to crash

and if you dont shut your trap you might end up a thing in the past

You better stop because you ain't hot you burning match

& here's a lil something for the girls

Don’t get too attached

Because I’m baut to send my wolves & packs,

legs too loosie, girl lemi show you how to get the cash

& if yall need some love advice just come to my class

Because obviously someone doesn’t know how to run this thing

So get off my podium I’m the new king

& yall just my offspring

I belong in an auto shop

Because I know more about cars than a scientist knows about mars

Plus I got tons of bars

Best part of all I love, how the school doesn’t recognize us for who we are

Just puts us in classes expecting us to pass it

Like I really need history for my masters

But I was built to last

not in your class cause your lectures slow as molasses

Copy that, Bastards

p.s. i am the ne Pharaoh, so step up if you feeling like hero

i love all of yall just prove you aint faker than scarecrow,

looking like you goin do something but you aint their tho

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