Perspective- Her

There it is again.

That all too familiar sting you feel

As you pull away from his embrace

After he betrays your trust once

Again. You know he means well,

But intentions never meant much

To the girl who’s been given nothing

But intentions all her life. So you

Apprehensively accept his apology

And tell him it’s okay, even though

Inside you know it isn’t, and you cry a

Little on the way home wondering what

It is that makes you come back time after

Time. He makes you feel good when you’re

Together, and he always listens, sure.

But in the end he always drops the ball.

Maybe it’s because you love him.

Maybe it’s because you’re afraid of moving

On. Or maybe it’s because you think he

needs you more than he lets on.

You conclude it’s a culmination of the

Three, but that isn’t enough to make the

Pain go away.You wish he was better.

You wish he was more sensitive, less intense.

More open and less protective.

You hope that he would be all of the things

You want one day, but deep inside you know

He never could be. Eventually you’ll forgive

Him, but you know it’s only a matter of time

Before he let’s you down again…


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