By Sam Martinez


Do I exist?

Well I do exist

Maybe you just don’t understand what it means to be queer

because You continue to break me down because

I am not my sex

I am not three lettered pronoun that is put upon me

I am not the name that I was born with

I am not in the wrong bathroom

I am not straight

It is not just a phase

The emotions are real if you chose to listen

Dysphoria has already consumed me  put me into this box

You put me here

Society has put me here

So welcome to society where everything is painted black and white

You are welcome to stay

to be yourself as long as it's our way

Love whoever you want as long as you aren't gay

So you're straight well that is great

If you're a boy who cries you must be gay

If you're a girl who plays with boys you must be gay

I support the lgbtq community but you're not welcome here because i don't want my kids to turn gay

I don't care what the gender of my baby is until they grow up and chose to change their name

You can't play with dolls because your a boy

You can't play with trucks because you're a girl

Boys can't have long hair

Girls can't have short hair

So welcome to society where you can be who you want to be as long as you follow the norms of society

Oh wait look you’re just in a box like me because there's society Telling us who to be so we can succeed

Because you are Putting labels upon us we haven't put on ourselves

But forever remove my labels because i am never going to be who you want me to be

I my own person society

i can put labels on myself and i can take them off

So who am I ?

I am male

I am proud to say that's my gender

I am gay

I am proud to say that's my sexuality

I am in the right bathroom

I am proud that I can even walk into to the males bathroom

but I may walk into the girls bathroom cause I'm scared of the people who choose to treat me like i am less of a man

I am also guy who likes to wear skirts

But I haven't worn one since i was told how can you wear that and still be transgender

But me wearing skirts doesn't make me gay or a female again

it just means I'm a guy who likes to wear skirts

but I'm scared to because of what you have to say

Society look from a queers perspective

Clothes are not gender based  wear whatever you want,

don't be rude to someone who is just trying to pee because they aren't what you see a female or male to be,

anyone can wear makeup because it is a  one size fits all

I don't want to feel scared anymore I want to be heard and understood so society look

I'm pretty damn queer but i'm not someone to back down

I also want to thank you society for letting me be the badass activist that I am because of your corrupt views

At some point look look from a different perspective

A queer perspective


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My community


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