Personification of Our National Flag


United States
36° 55' 41.7216" N, 80° 55' 14.7864" W

I am told to some as a friend,
As I flutter and bend,
When the wind blows I feel so free,
sitting up there so high in the breeze,
So much grace,
I watch as all of the soldiers race,
Across the fields they go,
Running and screaming as they cried,
As they go down I feel so much sorrow,
I just wish it was tomorrow,
As that day comes,
The war goes on,
So much blood and so many tears,
I hope that the end is near,
For I stand for strength, wisdom, and freedom,
As responsibility pours on my people,
When this war is over, opportunites are welcome,
With tears in our eyes and hope in our hearts,
We can win this if we all do our part.


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