Normal people find there happy places

Well for me

I don't have one

This happy persona is just a lie

I'm not happy,

I'm sad

I just put on a fake a smile and tell the world, "Nothing to brighten up one's day but a smile." But deep down, my heartaches from the lies that I spend

Some my think that my happy place is with my friends

No *tears hit the page*

I'm not and never will be happy

Summer looks at me, and I can see it in her eyes "Where is that happy little sister that I like to see go...." I don't know

But No

Not all people have happy places

Maybe I should stop faking it

Maybe I should just end it

Maybe I should just...... Just....... Stop....... Trying......

To find someone that cares.......

That I can't be helped

That I can't be happy

That I can't have hope

It's not going to stop

It's going to keep taring me apart


There's nothing thing left but my own


Maybe then *tear drop* Someone would care


But I doubt it....


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