Persona/POV of a Modern Day Police Officer

I protect you

I serve you

I am looked up to

I come into your schools for career day

Your kids clap

They awe my presence & the powers I possess

I am depicted as your "best friend"

The one you should always "trust"

Because I will "act in your best interest"

Now let me be honest & bust your bubble


You are the epitome of my inner hate

The deer in my headlights I aim to never miss

You are nothing more than a stress ball in my hand

I can be more reckless with you than a rockstar on hard rock before performing a concert full of hard rock

Since the freedom of your kind

I have vowed to myself to look down on your people

Like the bodily excrements I flush

There's no comparable rush like this

"Accidentally" taking your life then covering your name in dirt

Just to get some smacks on the hand at the end of the day

My hands may be red but so is the pool of blood you lie in

You shall overcome no more

We are the dominant

We are MAN

I shoot you like a dog in the street

Go home & like a baby, fall fast asleep

I am & always will be the higher power

I am & always will be the authority of the land

And that goes as far as any branch of my occupation reaches

We live and die and pride off of conspiracies

In a sense... I am your god

Because at the end of the day

When you're under my control, my captivity, my rapture...

Your head bowed to MY knees

As if you're praying for freedom


This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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