All to those who laugh at me:

I am not your enemy,

I am not your friend, 

no we are not aquainted. 

My voice may sound fainted, but the truth is that's all me.

All of me, righteously, no, the truth, it just might be divided into personas that may act so unlikely.

I use tisure rolls to wipe my eyes, not kleenex, or napkins.

Whatever happens, I guess it happened, but im not happy with my actions.

I can't change myself, but you with I could.

I won't change myself, but you wish I would.


No thanks, I'm quite happy being me.

I'm quite proud of my kinky hair and my buck teeth.

I like my nose, and my size eight shoes.

I like my brown eyes that arent baby blues.

I like my weird voice, and my weird obsessions.

All the setions with the lessons always kept em guessing.

No matter how many times I tell you what I like,

you don't know about my life, and you'll never get it right.

but, that's just my personality, build a salary

with confidence and love, but in all actuality

Just a big kid who always cries, I try to tell the truth, but to me they sound like lies

This poem is about: 
My community


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