Personal Perfection


Tick Tick

Tock Tock

Minutes slip away on my clock.


Need some motivation,

The days keep passing while I’m on vacation.

So what keeps me going,

Makes me want to keep growing?




I have a dream to become an actress,

I think about it every night when my body hits my mattress.

The feeling I get when I step on the stage,

It ill never get old, not matter what my age.

Nothing compares, its something special I feel inside,

From the roar of applause to the heat of the lights.


The feeling of adrenaline rushing through my veins,

Takes away the nerves and keeps me sane.

I feed off their laughter, am driven by their tears,

The audience is my battery and I’m charging for cheers.



Not very many understand what I’m talking about,

But if you get the chance to experience what I have, there’s no doubt.

You’ll start to think differently, look a life in different way,

Because my dream is becoming a reality and that keeps me going each day.



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