Personal GPS

My mind is littered with thoughts of you

a buildup of constant doubts

complications in the code

the manifestation of our story


story of once was and what could be

only you hold the strings to the advances

advantage of running the show

keeping me on my toes


watching the moves being made

and the domino effect of that action

the block that changes direction

the orientation of fate


Your mind is the GPS

and i'm the reroute

a little twitch of the fingers

all able to change the destination


How much i long to stay on the path

unsure if you have the same vision

you stated your intentions

but your actions broke the walls built


unsteady of what you may do next

you have me weak of constant longing

anxious to see the next move

hoping to god you aren't moving to checkmate


but the move is made and the route is dead

of to another location rooted with an opposite destiny


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