Person with HIV


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Don't judge a person with HIV
You can't judge a person who has
this disease
HIV is something someone has for life
You can't catch HIV by touching or
hugging someone
Don't judge a person with HIV

Judging someone with HIV is very sad
There's family out there that have family
with HIV
HIV is a disease giving to someone who
already has this disease
If you judge someone with HIV it can hurt
someone's feeling and make them feel
hurt inside
Don't judge a person with HIV

You can't tell if someone has HIV
If you tell someone they got HIV
you should ask them
If they answer you
NO, that means they don't have this
type of disease.
Don't judge a person with HIV.

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Osman Shato Mbindi

Simple and straight forward. Surely don't judge. You can also read my poem behind the wedding gown

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