A Person Of Courage

A person of courage

Could be a firefighter, a doctor...

Someone who upholds justice.

But I found a person of courage in someone else.

Someone.. A bit more.. Different.


She was laughed at when she should have been laughed with.

She was mocked when she was only racing against the clock.

She was practically spit on, even when she had a new outfit on..

Trying to please and gain favor..

She was betrayed, knocked down, and used like the pack of Shamwows I gave her.

Working in the kitchen, cleaning up every single mess or scrap of food that falls..


They made her dirty.

They wrung out every little bead of sweat from her..

And they used her over and over again.


She had no fault.

In my eyes, she didn't need to go through all that.

But they put her through it anyway.

For no reason.

She tried her best to live on, to provide the most for her family..

To pay the rent.. and bills.. and to live together happily.


Sometimes she had to grovel in order to get it done.

Sometimes.. it got just too hard and she wanted to run.

It got to the point where she cried out as she considered the gun..


But her will to live was stronger than the escape that is death.

"My family needs me," she muttered under her breath.


To continue, to progress..

To move on for another.

A true person of courage:

...My mother.


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