I am from a mundane town

that ranks number one in this dignified country for drug overdoses

and is not a stranger to mothers raising daughters solo


I am from a meager mind

that desperately screams

how what I long for is not what I need,

and that echoes “sadness is temporary, this is not long lasting”

but darling, happiness is unguaranteed.


I am from a fragile heart,

gradually cracking and crumbling like the Colosseum-

my radiant ring sits in my vanity instead atop my finger-

a heart that has mental pictures locked inside of you kissing her instead of our daughter-

so much for standing at the altar.


I am from my own world,

my own city of thoughts,

where my name is now replaced by “mama”

A world now shared, cohabitated

and ongoing thoughts of how

to prove a heart can still beat even with a few cracks

that you swear will end your life.


I am from a year of miserable insanity,

from planning a wedding

to instead crying silently

so my daughter won’t hear me-


I am from a society

that believes I will fail.

But I am from a state of courageous self worth

where I know I will persevere.




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