As I open my eyes I see light a thousand times brighter than the light we see in the sky.

 It feels as though heaven is smiling down upon me saying one word, "go".

"Go" and be who you want to be,"Go" and do what to do,"Go" and live how you want to live.

Far in the distance I see my family anticipating my goals, my success, and my future.

I'm glancing at nature as a stumbled on challenge, I got up and wiped my bloody knee and kept it moving.

See I could have lied there for a while, but I had to keep moving to reach the promise land.

The land of opportunity.

I'm so close I can almost taste victory but it comes with a price my price was pain.

I'm on the verge of falling but angles disguised as my family hold me up.

I look up and smile because then I know that everything will be okay.





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My family
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