Flowers prance, Sunshine gleams, Air whistles, and Animals dance.

Skipping, hopping, hair caressing the air, with Mother and I.

Anticipation ascends, tear drops descend

From Mother's eyes in the sky. Colors change, Winds digress,

Air screams, Animals stray, and flowers pray to stay.

Mother's grip holds tight on me for what comes tonight cannot be stalled.

The Sky's tears have frozen, as if time has stopped till i resurface again. 

But for now, Darkness has engulfed me; holding me hostage.

I drown in my grief as i hope to be relieved.

Days, weeks, months go by. I think I hear Mother beckoning my name.

Persephone, Persephone, Persephone.

The sun comes out to play, the animals scurry by, and the flowers come out to greet me "Hello".

Yesterday was a dream, today is a fantasy. I hope to never be beguiled by sleep again.

For, I am afraid of the darkness. 





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