Perpetual Imagination

To my future self to reflect upon,


All these thoughts, all these dreams,

going through my mind.


Don’t you hate that you can never find the right one when you need it,

yet it fills your mind during a math test.

The calculus formula is replaced by

the great party last night, or George Washington as a duck.

And an essay is a blank canvas waiting to be filled with doodles.

Imagination is a powerful thing,

which can neither be purchased or made,

but gained through a sheer force of nothing.

It’s the driving force,

that put words in your mouth,

sharp words that you blurt out, but didn’t mean.

It lets the paintbrush flow

and those notebook doodles are a prime example.

It annoys teachers,

because you are thinking of nothing when they are trying to teach something.

All these thoughts, all these dreams,

going through my head

is what makes life……


To put this imagination into motion

does not require thinking.

But sometimes it seems

that others’ imagination flows better than yours.

All that is required to find your imagination is nothing.

Nothing doing,

nothing thinking,

nothing believing,

nothing to make it a reality.

Because nothing is something,

and that something is your imagination,

your driving force,

that puts your life into motion.

A motion that never stops turning.

Like a grandfather clock that has been ticking for the past century.


Energy is always in motion and can neither be created nor destroyed.

Similarly, you can never destroy or create imagination.

It must be expressed and shared among people

to your heart’s content.

A force that never depletes,

and exists from the moment you are born

right to the moment you die.


It breaks the invisible bond holding you down to earth.

And lets you discover the realm of unknown.

It’s there in the most positive moments of life,

but also, the most negative.

It can take the phobia away from glossophobia,

just imagine the audience in underwear.

Imagination is a powerful tool,

which is mastered through nothing,

but definitely yields something.

If there was one thing,

and only one thing that I am granted in life,

it would be imagination.



An old friend

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