Perniciously Peaceful


McKenzie picked her poison quite a while ago.

She never paid for drugs; instead they were her pain killers.

They were an opportunity to pacify her demons.

When she was high, she had no past, no present, no future.

She spent probation performing for us,

impersonating someone who used to be happy.

We pretended like we never noticed- as if she never pulled out a baggy,

all the while, her puffing and snorting replayed over and over.

She was not born pernicious, but she was made to be punished.

For years, she pleaded to God for a peace of mind,

yet the path to Hell was paved in glitter and gold.

Poor McKenzie parted from this world, and disappeared.

There lay our perfect joy, perished away on an apartment floor.

She may not have gotten a peace of mind, but she rests in peace.



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