Permission to Speak Discomfort


We sit in this classroom to talk about the issues of our day.
One raises their hand saying they have a hard time earning pay.
Well let me tell you something, do you know of the people out there that slay?
Slay the innocent lives of woman and children worldwide? 
Please friend, I beg you, open your eyes.

To the world that is hidden,
To the world of human trafficking that no one talks about. 
Why? Because it's uncomfortable to your ears.
Uncomfortable to your ears you say? 
Well, imagine a world of constant beatings to your body so severe that death is a constant companion. 
Imagine a world with permanent scars to your emotions because somehow the perpetrator gains your love.
Imagine a world that decomposes your mind because you are forced to take heavy drugs in order to control you, to own you. 
Imagine a world of degradation towards your self-esteem from your daily dosage of words such as "whore", "slut", "cunt", and "bitch".
Imagine a world that obliterates the existence of your soul because you are treated as a soulless person,"your worth is your body, and your body only".
Imagine a life like this,
A living hell like this.
Don't tell me your healthy, unbruised ears are uncomfortable from simply hearing such acts.
What they live is true discomfort.
You want me to stop there?
Well, I can't, I won't stop there
Because I can't bare this anymore.
Why isn't this talked about more?
Why isn't this a major issue that people talk about?
Why isn't this on headline news?
Why instead are people more aware of the legalization of the plants they smoke.  
While women and children get choked.  
Choked to servitude. 
So with your permission, I would like to state my mission to your precious, uncomfortable ears.
I'm not asking for tears,
I'm asking for action. 
Adhere to my words that could spread to all spheres.

In the Bible, it states that,"we see that by small means the Lord can bring about great things."
Small means as in stop listening to music that supports human trafficking with lyrics like, "It's hard being a pimp".  
Small means as in stopping the sexuality of our media. 
Small means as in stop supporting the mass production and participation in pornography.  
Small means as in influencing people to stop porn addiction and help those that are addicted.
Small means as in watching the way we dress and act.
Respecting your bodily is respecting yourself and the afflicted. 
Small means as in showing gratitude for your freedom in helping victims become liberated.  
Small means as in spreading the word of human trafficking and allowing those uncomfortable ears to hear where true discomfort lies. 
It lies in the lives of human trafficking victims. 
Now that is what should be discussed on the issues of our day.

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