A Performers Platform

White! Brilliantly bright, white!

Illuminating my very existence.

Every leap, every note, every flaw.

A circle that makes or breaks my future.

A circle that defines my presence.

Pivot. Pivot. Spin. Stop. Smile.

Searching for a familiar face in the sea of heads.

Heads blurred by blinding lights in my eyes.

Lights hoping to catch a stumble or a fall.

Catch a crack or shake in my voice.

Catch the sweat streaming down my face.

Leap. Axel. Glissade. Haut. Smile.

Bright, white lights shining.

Shining the stage that holds my choreographed path.

Shining the air, which holds my orchestrated notes.

Shining and Shining. All eyes on me.

Watching me sparkle in that circle.

Bright lights encasing my every movement.

Analyzing. Judging, and wanting more.

Ocho. Patada. Point. Paradas. Smile.

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