Perfection..No Flawless (Free-style Poem)

Created by society to describe the 'Perfect Person".
Yet everyone is a different person, which causes a commotion, because everyone has different ideas.
Blue eyes, long blonde hair, small waist, and can fit a size two... perfection.

No. It's not.
perfection is overrated. It has no true form only the opinion of the beholder. 
Flawless. This is a fact, and something that can be seen, heard, and felt.
Flawlessness comes from within your soul. Something that can never be taken from you.

So beautiful and unique.
 To be yourself and love yourself the way no one ever can.
Wether wild or calm your soul is flawless, because it can not be broken.
A heart maybe...but never your flawless soul.

Stand Up For You.
Stand up to conformity and love your unique ways. 
If you dont love yourself who will?
A fire that can never be extinguished is your flawless soul.
Even once your imperfect body leaves the earth, your soul lives on in your loved ones. The ones who hold you close to their hearts.

Forget It and Live.
Forget that all the girls where the latest clothes, and dont care that you dont.
forget that your overweight or underweight, and forget they all call you "weird".
Ugly, stupid, nerd, emo, mentally challenged, cutter,different, special, loner. 
These are superficial labels not worth your breath or time, because underneath the labels of peers and society...

You Are All Flawless...

Dont Forget.
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