Perfection, what we strive to achieve

Sat, 11/30/2013 - 18:47 -- Astra


Classes are divided into three kinds of student

There's the group that causes trouble, that's their only intent

There are the kids who have to fail before they can learn they ropes

And then there's the kids like me, who have to hold all the hopes


Do we every really learn anything? We're expected to know it before we begin

You think because we pick up the first stuff fast we've got it all planned

You never bother to wonder if it's hard when you hold us up to higher standards

Or why a 'B' for us is like an 'F' for someone, anyone else


Our success is not celebrated, no, why should it be?

Our success is excpected, wanted, demaned, but never rewarded

Why should it be? It's not like we worked just as hard for that nintey as the other kids

It's not like we hid in our rooms and studied and never let anyone see how hard it was


Because when learning get's hard, you can't let it show

When things get tough, you just have to bear through

“You used to do better.” “You're grades have gotten worse.” “What happened to you?”

You happened to me. You no longer care if I get better, you only worry about me getting worse


So we'll gain no ground, because we don't need your help

We'll try and struggle and hold onto the illusion that we can do it all on our own

Because that's how you see us and that's how we'll always be

Because you taught us that we weren't allowed to fail, we could only succeed.


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