Perfect Strangers

I used to think the world of you

Would look up to you like brothers

And you just cast me aside one day

Pushing me away

You blame it all on me

Yet you're the one who forgot how to speak

Like we're complete strangers now

And you think you have the right to judge

My choices, my relationships, my life

Its been a long time since you've had that right

A long time since the last football was thrown

The last baseball was pitched

The last joke was shared

And everything I miss

Sitting in the road at two in the morning

Just because we could

Shut me out, I never thought you would

But you would, and you could

And you did, and you have

And tomorrow will start and end the same

With me missing the way things used to be

And the people I used to call my family



Great flow was like music. Lots of people coudl relate to the message as well cause people just change and grow apart. Had a friend who was like a brother to me but since leaving that school havn't spoken to him in years. And i do still miss him but he isn't the same as back then. But new people do come into your life and old will leave and you just gotta keep moving forward though you don't have to forget about him. 

Kimberly Shawn Ghent

This poem was actually written about/for my cousins. We used to be so close, and they would always protect me and be there for me. They were there for me when my grandfather died and they brought me through that. Everything I know about sports, they taught me. Lately, though, they just shut me out. They don't answer texts, Facebook messages.. nothing. My cousin Matthew was like my best friend. I would tell him everything and know that he wouldn't judge me and he would help me out no matter what.. but now its just....... nothing.

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