Perfect Imperfection

Wed, 12/17/2014 - 15:57 -- JaneN98


Strugling, fighting to define one word.


In my dictionary, there are many definitions.

One of them is me.

One of them is you.


It's a disease of the mind.

Struggling, fighting-to define one word.


I am unique. One of a kind.

I am Me.

You are unique.One of a kind.

You are You.

But yet, we are fighting, struggling to define one word.


I am defined by the way I portray myself in the world.

The way in which i stand.

Boldly. Unmodified by the world's sneaky,stealthy hush voice.


I stand as i am.

The way in which i choose.

I am Flawless.

My perfect imperfection.






This has an amazing message. (:

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