Perfect Fiction: One Job....May Change Change My Life Scholarship

Frequent struggle, heightening through

Without a trace, without a clue

Yet something inside me knows what to do

With a pen in hand and a book overdue.


To write is a passion

That's never out of fashion

For me, my hand always dashin'

While my mind filled with ideas clashin'.


I could always write; it'll never stop

Since the day I came into the world. Pop!

An idea would jump up like a bunny's hop.

And I'll write, and I'll write, and I'll write 'til I drop.


My life would change without a doubt

And I wouldn't need to scream and shout

Nor scowl, nor snarl, nor growl, nor pout

Just to write for a living is what's all about.


To be an author is what I wish.

No job could ever fufill more than this

To change lives with my words would be a bliss.

In college, improving my writing is better than a kiss.


"A dream is a wish your heart makes"!

A princess says that's all it takes.

My heart belongs to writing next to lakes.

And forever writing all the way to banks.


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