The Perfect Daughter

Yes, Mom.

Yes, Dad.

You've told me this a thousand times!

No, no, I'm not getting angry.

Just getting fed up.

"What was that?"

Nothing Mom!

Just talking to myself!

Yeah, love you too!

Even if you won't love me soon.

Of course I want to hear what they talked about in church!

Oh, being gay is wrong?

Being trans is wrong?

I never would have guessed!

It's not like you remind me everyday or anything.


Hey... Mom?

Would you still love me no matter what?

Oh... I see.

You'd lecture me if I was gay.

Or trans.

Or anything that you think isn't normal!

I'm not your perfect daughter mom!

I'm sorry that you can't see it!

Everyone else can!

You tell me not to lie,

But I have to lie everyday just to ensure that I have a place to live!

Well, good news mom.

You don't have to worry about me being gay...

At least, not since my boyfriend broke up with me.

You still don't understand?

I'm not your perfect daughter mom!

I'm trying to tell you that I'm your son!


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