Rainbow colored weave 

Down below your knees

Dazziling fingernais

Brighter than the sun

Lips so glossy

As if you applied the whole tube


So thick

You know where I'm going with this?

Facebook and MySpace

Now turned into a weapon of words

and you think you're perfect?

Cool nerd glasses

Back in style.

Gunshots late at night.

Who are you to stand there

with pride

To say that "I am the victim of rape or homicide?"

Think you're so fresh

With a cigarette?

Think you're so cool 

With those giant hoops?

Now I got to tell you.

Not unless you have: straqight white teeth, perfect lips, the perfect nose, perfectly soft hair, beautifully colored eyes, perfect posture, shape, grades, family, friends...perfect EVERYTHING

Then you're not

I am not

We're not Perfect.


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