Who        is this unknown individual who lives underneath my skin? 

                 Everyone else sees who I am on the outside.

                 I choose what I allow others to see on the inside.


How        do I define myself? We live in a world full of people

                 pretending to be someone they are not, so 


Why        not try to be myself as a unique individual. No two 

                 people are exactly the same. 


When      did becoming someone else's definition of perfect 

                 become more important than loving yourself? 


Where     will life take you, if you can't strive to be yourself? 


What       is perfect?  


Who         are you suppose to be if you don’t even know yourself?


How         do you get through the day if you are always trying to

                  be someone you are not?


Why         do you allow yourself to pull away from trying to

                  know who you are?


When       did trying to fit in become more vital than being who

                   you really are? 


What         is perfect?




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