Solemn streets that beat


I walk along a cold hearted silt


Directionless curses me, deceit


Ingrained stigmas tend not to tilt


We either abide or confide through these streets




I walk for purposeful sorrow


Enter the earth for cheers and glee


I walk a path to cycle the follow


Enter the earth for glory they deem


I walk a path so ancestry can borrow




Roads  are mastered through tradition


To follow the follow, never to frolic


I decree the path of rendition


The orderly course now causes a colic


I tilt these cold hearted silt rationalizations




Why a path with beaten down corners


Why a path with swollen ground


Why a path with so many forlorners


Why a path with toiled wasted towns


Silt can be revived from this earth




No more signs and ways of predisposed fortune


My ways are ones with soul fulfilling notions


I want a path with unlimited portions


No silk sewn sheets nor elder golden tokens


No, this way is for more than a fortune




A path predestined by none other than the creator


Footways of hills that climb clouds


This is no walkway, only attained by loose gripped ladders


I adhere to no man that looks to enshroud


I dig my own path, belligerently proud

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