Perception < Reality


She comes home to an idle scene.
TV blaring, refrigerator buzzing, aimless loitering, productivity lacking.
Useless channels and ideas demand their attention, making them numb.
They spend their time eating up hot gossip and relishing in headlines like hungry wolves.
But somewhere in the world the refrigerator is useless, because the food is nonexistent, and life-threatening hunger is real.
There's no room for TV because piercing flashbacks, weighing consciousness, and harsh realities take up most of TV time.
Their reality shows are just as much reality as the tears they shed, their fervent prayers, the breaths they take, and their longings for rest.
Their perception is down the barrel of a gun, aloft empty plates, past "paneless" windows, and amidst restless disease.
Do we perceive the same mad world?
Do we live in fear of death?
Do we live to die or die to live?
It depends on the quality of our perception: our view of other realities.
The realities that heartlessly kill, steal virtue, and fight for tainted freedom.
But meanwhile, back in the first-world, all that is killed is ambition, all that is stolen is ideas, and all that is fought for is prestige.
In the end she finally leaves home and finds herself in an unforgiving reality.
How she wished she was ready.
The shock of tragedy that she was still innocent to rocked her sentimental core.
How she wished for change.
But wishing could only motivate rather than accomplish.
So she improved her perception of the world.
It became a harsh yet hopeful reality, one that could still be saved if people were willing to save it.
People are suffering, dying.
No matter the cause, she realized the pain could be avoided or lessened by embracing reality, maturing our perception, speaking up for those that have no voice, actually doing.
It's time to spark that change, turn off the lazy, abandon popular yet useless trends, forget about what we want but acknowledge need, and remember reality.


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