Pepperoni Parasol

Pepperoni parasol under Brighton sun .

limeys lemons rotund fun .

cupping dripping on everyone .

Rub it in .... forget sun .... seven deadly .

Roger Headley on forced vacation .

Mind too limp to consider fornication .

Maybe it's time to try again ?

Switch from carbs to high test gin .

Sin is great , don't be late , hesitate....

Matriculate to the shore .

Is there life in the shire ?

Desire , desire , once a high flyer .


Now it is getting very late .

The cheese is left for all to grate .

Hate brought the first wave down .

Do u think love will save the clown ?


This poem is about: 
My community


Hey this shits deeper than you think .

I don't want to have to be dead to get any comments.

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