To the People Who Have Hurt Me

Mon, 01/01/2018 - 00:40 -- triap

To the people who have hurt me

Thank you.

To the boy who thought I was too fat.

To the girl who thought I was strange.

To the kids who pulled at their eyes in an attempt to imitate my small eyes.

To the kids who made up fake words in an attempt to mock my language.

Here’s to them.

Thank you for the nights I sat in my room wondering why I still live.

Why I still breathe.

Why I still exist.

The nights I lay in bed muffling my cries for help.

Here’s to the countless times I told my parents that “I’m fine,” or “school was good.”

Here’s to the moments where I've absorbed myself into a book

living as another person

in an attempt to get away from myself.

Here’s to standing in front of the mirror

hoping to change into someone I’m not.

To the people who have hurt me.
Thank you
For you have taught me more about myself.
I learned that I had to pick myself up
Get on with it, do it all over again, only even better this time.
Words have the power to change us.
The sun will rise and I will try again.
I am my own muse.
I am the subject I know best.
The one I want to know better.
For this life I cannot change.


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