People in the walls

There are people in the walls

In the walls

In the walls


They talk all eay long

All day long

All day long


They whisper about you and me

They whisper about everything they see


They know so much yet know so little..


They try to whisper so i don't know 


But it doesn't work

I hear the talking

I hear the walking 

I hear the tapping

I hear the scratching 


I tap the wall they go silet

But I can hear the breathing


I can hear the silence 


Are they trapped?

Why else stay?


Can you hear them?

Can you hear the people in the walls


All day long they tap and click 

They'll scream and kick


In the attic

Behind the door

Up the stairs

Down the hall


There is nowhere I can hide

They see me all the time


Ive never been alone

Ill never be alone

Im never alone

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