People Starin'

People starin', their eyes open wide.

Trying to figure out if they should be on my side.
Figuring out the dress and gloves that I wear
Are really worth the sweat that I bear.
All I can do is just look down at my toes
Not making contact because they're scared and I know.
They call me dirty and oppressed
Thinking I have no class, no respect.
I want to change your mind 
But you ignore and give me no time.
I want to be a singer, a poet a dream,
And show the world that I'm not what's been seen
On the TV and radio blasting hate and mockery,
For a few who do bad yet I'm blamed for their treachery. 
I ask the Lord to give me hope,
Give me friends and loved ones who'll help me cope.
To lift up this curtain which is now a wall,
Desperately wanting and desiring it to fall.
I think He heard me high above,
Gifting me open-mindedness and pure love.
Friends from cultures I've never come across,
Happy that it's okay, I'm not at loss.
Laughter and fun is what we do best
Its so unreal to all the rest
We live in a new world judging people too quick,
Calling them sluts and hoes and saying ¨You're a dick!¨
I tell myself that we can pass this if we try,
Sounds like a false, a wrong, and a straight-up lie.
So I got up here to tell you today,
That love lives in unexpected ways.
Not just through holding hands
But telling one another ¨I understand¨.
We all face life in different ways,
And yet you and I have the same types of days
One day is great and the other not so much,
but our inner hope is the light touch.
To go through our struggles big and small,
struggles that are shared by one and all.
So to end this performance I ask please,
to keep an open-mind and judge with ease.


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