People Need It More

There are people with no homes,

These people need it more.

If I had money I would give it to them,

Why would I spend it all on me when people out there need it more?

These people didn't choose to be like this,

Some people were just born into this lifestyle.

In other countries not everyone is given an opportunity, 

People in Guatemala walk around barefoot because they can't even afford shoes.

These people can barely afford to give their children food, 

Children sell anything they can to make money to take home for food.

People need it more and people need to help. 

I want to change the world. 

Give these people jobs wherever they may be but they need money somehow.

If this isn't possible then I would raise money to give them.

Guatemala isn't the only country like this but everyone need to help out.

People could donate clothes or food that we could send to areas like these.

I would do this because my mom went through the same thing she couldn't buy shoes for her own children.

She couldn't feed them everyday,

She had to sacrifice her own food so she could feed her children at least 1 tortilla a day.

My mom would go days without eating because she wanted to see her kids happy and healthy. 

But if it wasnt for the people around her who knows what would of happened.

People helped her by giving her little pieces of that not even her own mom would give her.

I've seen families like this and this can't keep going on.

People are dying from homelessness and not being able to buy food,

but we need to help these people in any possible way.

By donating, fundraising, getting them jobs, or even helping them with the little things. 

These people are dying and it not their choices, 

if everyone helps a little, "WE COULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE."

Everything counts no matter how small.





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