People, Choices, and Happiness


People make this world go 'round. 

People can bring you up, or people can bring you down. 

In this world with so much hurt and hate, there are days you find people in this maze called life and you forget the strife, the hurt, and the pain. 

Because their smile isn't lame, they beam with love and they show you that good people aren't just up above. They're still here, we still exist, in this midst. 

Might be hard to find, like a dime in a room full of pennies, but they aren't extinct. 

People can make you think, and feel, and love and cherish every moment before you go above. 

People can bring you down and make you feel low, make you want to say no to all your dreams and goals. 

People have a choice, they can make your day better, or they can make you want to write a letter, saying why you left and how you weren't feeling better. 

But, we have hope that more people will choose to love and be loved everyday, we have hope that it's not too late. 

People make me happy, this is what i say! 


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