People Among Us

People let you down, what else is new?

They take and they take and they take all of you.

They'll beat you down and ask for help to do it.

They'll stop and think, there's nothing to it.

"I do it all the time and I really don't care.

You need help off the ground?

No, you just stay there."

I hate seeing this world of wandering soul's

Driven by the brains of selfish fools.

 It's not like trust can be just tossed around,

It has to be earned and you know when I found

Has given me a reason to let them in.

Still,  I happened to smile with the biggest of grins

Saying, "sure come in, I'll sacrifice everything."

It doesn't matter what you want just as long as they're happy

Then they'll seem so surprised when you say you're doing crappy.

They'll act sad for you but that's all it is,

And act.

Because their needs are far more important.

And that's a fact. 

 In the end it's not about how much you give them at all

They'll always be the one standing, watching you fall.

And maybe they did it,

Maybe they gave you that push

But that's just life and the people among us. 




This poem is about: 
My community


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