There are people who love you
People who hate you
People who wish they were you
But you’re you
They want to be like Beyoncé
Or swag it out like my friend Jovante
But nobody is as great as you
Being you
People don’t like you
People mistreat you
They think that you’re one thing
But at the end of the day they don’t know you
You want to be someone else
Be a model like the rest of these girls
But you’re body ain’t so pretty now
You saw Adriana Lima 
Now you’re talking about getting skinny, 
Really? WOW
There’s nobody that is you 
Nobody that can be you
Nobody got a body like you
But you
You’re beautiful being you
Looking like you’re healthy, but you don’t think this because what society chose for being that beauty queen isn’t a person that looks like you
Stop listening to others and be you
Because there’s nothing like another copy cat looking like bones and a twig 
Be you
Don’t you worry about society because one day that’s going to change and while you’re anorexic another girl is a model looking like you
Now don’t get me wrong, models can have that banging body 
We all look at it and wish we had it
We all say damn this eating habit
They beautiful because they’re being themselves
And all I’m asking is for you to be you
Because when you’re outside shopping
Looking at those small jeans sizes
Your thick thighs don’t fit in to a small size
Your ass won’t squeeze in the under garment 
You are being you
You buy those clothes and look beautiful
People judge you in the fitting room
But they’re just people and it doesn’t matter 
Because you are you and there’s nothing better
Just be you 
Because people talk
Society is the people
They don’t know what beautiful is
But you
You are beautiful

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Our world


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