As a People

As a people, we are failing.

Would you turn away an innocent child in need?

Would you condemn a mother? A father?

Would you hate a stranger for doing something that supports their family?

Would you neglect someone who spends time in a certain building?

As a people, we are failing.

We see the color.

We see the price tag.

We see the occupation.

We see the religion.

We see everything but who the person is.

As a people, we are failing. 

History has taught us that we choose violence first. 

History has taught us that we judge a group based on one.

History has taught us everything, yet we learn nothing. 

History is just that, history. 

We can’t change the past and yet we choose to stay in it. 

We choose to stay in hate and misery. 

We fight over money, 






And Religion. 

Yet we don’t fight for the things that count.

What counts more than these things? 

Everything else. 




This poem is about: 
Our world


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