Penny For Your Thoughts

I mourn not
    the death of a loved one.
    I mourn
        the death
            of an unforgiven being.
She was,
    and always will be,
        a stanger.
She rests
    in a pit
        of deceit and shadow.
Her thief--
    her murderer--
        lies in wait
            for prey,
                for a new soul
                    to feed the depths
                        of his unbeating heart.
Her body
        into the unknown
                forced upon her.

I celebrate not
    an anniversary of great cheer.
        I celebrate
            the rebirth
                of an unsought soul.
She is now,
    and will forever be,
        a friend.
She knows now
    that with ignorance
        comes easy existence.
Her heart--
    her broken mind--
        rest in peace
            inside her,
                inside the caverns
                    of a torn sanity
                        to ease the ache of loss.
Her heart
        with the sorrow
                one thousand tears.

That one day,
    February 26,
            her world
                burned and rejoiced.


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